Hi 🙂 I’m Amie.

Some of you reading this have been friends of mine for decades. Some of you are cyber friends, that have been following along for a few months, or even a year.
Some of you are new friends.

I’m a real person, on the other side of your screen. I read every comment you make, every message you send.
Hell, this is a picture of me, sitting on my (filthy, apple juice covered) couch in my sweat pants, waiting for my baby to wake up from his nap.
I have lived a really long time afraid to be myself. Afraid to express my opinion, tell people what I liked & didn’t like. Afraid of the backlash & the confrontation.
I was anxious & frustrated & finally I stopped being afraid.
I stopped being afraid when I accepted that I couldn’t make everyone happy. Stopped being afraid when I decided to work towards making MYSELF happy instead.
Once that switch happened…everything changed. People that didn’t align with that energy fell away. In their place stepped likeminded people. Not necessarily people with the same opinions. Not necessarily people with the same religion or beliefs or ideals….but people with the same values.
Mutual respect. Acceptance & support.
Live and let live, type people.
This is MY page. I share my innermost thoughts. My fears, my anxieties. My opinions, my frustrations.
I want to find my tribe. I want to build a community of realness.
I want to connect with people. Respectful people. Open minded people.
I want to learn from you & have you learn from me.
I want to break down stigmas & bridge gaps. By open discussion. By unbridled sharing.
I want to TALK. About the hard shit & the scary shit & the ugly shit.
I don’t want to hold back, especially because of fear.

I need you to know that I can’t promise that you’ll always like what I have to say. You won’t always agree with my opinion, & you won’t always jive with my perspective.
But I can promise you respect. I can promise that I’m open to hearing what you have to say, & I can promise that if I don’t like it, I will agree to disagree & move forward with you, ready for an ice breaking laugh.
Unity isn’t always harmonious…sometimes it’s accepting and appreciating the differences. ?



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