This is a post I made 3 years ago, when I was pregnant with my second son.
It showed up in my “Facebook Memories” today…and needed revisiting. Needed sharing.
A reminder to ALL women, mothers or not.
We are strength and grace. Our bodies are power. 

Growing a person affects all aspect of you, as a being.

We often poke fun at women for the obvious hormonal turmoil we go through.
But pregnancy is so much more.
A tremendous adjustment. The realization that soon your life won’t be recognizable to you anymore. Your priorities will be turned upside down. Your outlook, your instincts, your routine life…all shifted, revised. Completely different.
Your body.

It’s a struggle to adapt to the constant transformation.
Part of being a woman is knowing the power that lives in the the curves of your body. Watching as those curves slowly change from concave to convex is one of the most exhilarating and terrifying experiences I have ever been graced with.
Rubbing my swollen belly in awe and horror, checking for the dreaded stretch mark is a daily ritual. Worrying about how well my young body will return to it’s former glory after this precious being has arrived. It’s honest. It’s insecure. It’s societally built.

Last night, as I studied my parts in the mirror, I was graced with a moment of clarity. One of those rare instances when you can see things for what they are. How they were meant to be seen.
Imperfections adding to the beauty.
Raw humanity.
I was proud.
Overwhelmed with appreciation for my body. This vessel.
Working as hard as anything in this world can to produce life.
Oh and not just any life. A small, innocent, perfect life that I will cherish far beyond my own.
Former glory. Fuck that. This is glory.

The power of this body. Immeasurable.
The rounded bulge of vitality. The stretched muscles that will soon test their resilience, kneading breath into new life.
The realness of the moment brought tears to my face. It humbled my heart and quieted my mind.
It inspired documentation. This picture.
A picture that I share, with pride. One that I will hold dear for years. One that will come with not only a story…but sentiment. 

I am woman. I hold many spaces, many shapes, and many roles.
I embody strength and resilience.
I am unbreakable, though I may bend.
This knowledge is my power and I hold it close.



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